Google Outside 2.0

Google have launched their innovative outdoor search app Google Outside 2.0 on street level LD6 screens across London; together with Talon, Clear Channel, OMD and Grand Visual. For the next month the campaign is engaging passers by and demonstrating how smartly Google Local responds to search queries by showing real-time information, including directions to local landmarks based on the location’s GPS coordinates.

Previously a typical live & dynamic Digital OOH campaign rotates through a fixed number of images, with copy updated hourly or daily to reflect a recent event, such as a change in the weather or the result of a football game. In general, 10-20 creatives are used in total across a campaign, most of which involve only changing copy and one or two images. But with Google Outside 2.0, we are displaying 2,367 unique stories daily, so up to 150 times greater iterations each day than we normally see in an entire live & dynamic DOOH campaign.


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