Media Week OOH

No one has ever denied that Out of Home is one of the most impactful forms of advertising but until recently, it would have been very hard to argue that it was, in any way, nimble. How times have changed.

The advent of digital screens has probably had the biggest impact on Outdoor, of all advertising options. Last year saw 22% of OOH spend directed to digital campaigns and, as inventory owners increase their investment, this per cent is set to increase exponentially with some forecasts putting spend at 50% by 2025.

I suspect that digital OOH has probably matured into what it is likely to be for the foreseeable future. What the sector needs now is for brands and media partners to fully understand its scope and flexibility, embrace it and deliver some truly impactful work.

At Talon, we are proud to partner some enlightened associates including Grand Visual and Curb and, in our first year, have delivered several exceptionally impressive campaigns for brands such as Google, Camelot and PS4.

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